Potting Soil 5L by Plantaflor

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Universal soil for all types of flowers, except ericaceous plants.

This potting soil contains all necessary nutrients for an ideal plant growth, as well as valuable clay minerals and an environmentally friendly wetting agent.


White peat + black peat + quartz sand + clay powder + NPK fertiliser + wetting agent

Chemical Properties:

pH (CaCl2): 5,2 – 6,0

pH (H2O): 5,7 – 6,5

Salt level (KCL): 1,4 g/l

Nitrogen (N): approx. 120 – 210 mg/l

Phosphate (P2O5): approx. 120 – 210 mg/l

Potassium oxide (K2O): approx. 170 – 300 mg/l

Electrical conductivity (μS/cm): 450 – 550


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