Ø29.5/20.6 x 56.3cm Elle Alto Self-Watering Pot By AquaLuxe

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AquaLuxe self-watering pots redefine plant care simplicity. Just fill the reservoir, and let our innovative design do the rest. Your plants enjoy optimal hydration, preventing both overwatering and underwatering. The result? Lush, thriving greenery with minimal effort. Embrace the ease of gardening with AquaLuxe and watch your plants flourish.

Elle Alto By AquaLuxe
Top: Ø29.50 Bottom: Ø20.6 x H56.3cm

Water level Indicator, Reservoir Seperator Liner, Inner Bucket

Glossy and smooth finish that exudes a sense of elegance and quality. Its reflective surface and flawless texture make it visually appealing and pleasant to touch, enhancing the overall user experience.

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