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Insecticide /Pesticide

Laevikil 1% Granules 灭蚊灵 150gm
$5.00 Ex Tax: $5.00

Target Pest: Mosquitoes larvae.Usage: Ready to use granules for application to standing water o..

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Anti-Scales 100ml by HORTI
$10.20 Ex Tax: $10.20

Anti-Scales is very effective in the control of a wide range of scale pests like Mealybugs and Scale..

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Anti-Termite Spray 450ml
$28.00 Ex Tax: $28.00

• Specially formulated for control of termite • Effective and long lasting residual effect. ..

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Captan 50% Fungicide WP 200gm
$9.80 Ex Tax: $9.80

Captan 50% W.P. Non-Systemic Fungicide is a micro fine powder for use in water as a spray to c..

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DENutrients Pet Dry Shampoo for Chickens & Dogs (100% Food Grade)
$12.80 Ex Tax: $12.80

• Singapore's First Dry Shampoo for Pet Chickens & Dogs!• Just sprinkle and rub into their fur /..

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Deodorised Insecticide
$5.20 Ex Tax: $5.20

Deodorised Insecticide is ready to use after mixing with water. It is especially effective against i..

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Diatomaceous Earth (100% Food Grade)
$5.80 Ex Tax: $5.80

Diatomaceous Earth (DE) is a natural sand harvested from dried up freshwater lakes.It is made up of ..

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Eco Fungicide 500ml
$10.80 Ex Tax: $10.80

• Target fungus and root diseases.• Strengthens plant immune system.• Promotes flowering in plants.•..

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Eco Pesticide 500ml
$10.80 Ex Tax: $10.80

Suitable for use from seeding to harvest.Effectively combats all types of worms, sucking pests and ..

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Emulsified Neem Oil 500ml
$10.80 Ex Tax: $10.80

Neem oil was used in ancient times as fungicides and bio-pesticides to eradicate pest in gardening. ..

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Fourstar Mosquito Larvicide BTI Briquets 150
$20.80 Ex Tax: $20.80

FourStar Briquets contain the proven active ingredients Bacillus sphaericus (Bsph) and Bachillus thu..

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Gardener Insect Spray 500ml
$10.70 Ex Tax: $10.70

• Gardener Insect Spray is an odorless, safe and powerful insecticide formulated specially for plant..

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