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Anti-Scales is very effective in the control of a wide range of scale pests like Mealybugs and Scale crawlers, whiteflies, spider mites, aphids, thrips and etc.

Scales are major pests in gardens. They can be found on deciduous fruit trees, citrus plants, ornamental shrubs and houseplants.

The scales push their mouth parts into plant calls and suck out cell contents.

Heavy infestations lead to poor, distorted growth and eventually branches or even whole plants may die.

Anti-Scales effectively block the air passages of insect by coating a layer of oil, thus destroying the adult insects and their eggs.

Mixing rate:

Use inner cap on this bottle holds 2.5ml, mix in 5L of water. Apply as a spray when pests first appear. Repeat at 7-10 days interval as necessary.

Spray foliage thoroughly. Use spray mixes as soon as possible after mixing.

It is easily diluted in water and can be applied by Hand pumps or knapsack.

May be used with other insecticides and fungicides.

Best results are obtained by spraying in the evening.

Do not use in temperatures above 32 °C or raining day.


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