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Best Potting soil for vegetables and fruits!

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All-natural soil-less vegetable mix, ready to use. 
Formulated for edibles of all sorts (vegetables, roots, herbs, fruits, flowers, etc).
Ready to use for starting new pots and beds, or amending existing soil.

Yup, you read that right - soilless. Soil is essentially rocks and minerals of the Earth, while organic matter is the real magic that gives plants the fuel to bloom. ...Now we'll kept you in on an insider secret: Vegetables don't actually need these rocks and minerals to grow! In fact, farmers love this magical mix; it allows them to have complete control over what organic matter (aka. nutrients) goes into their harvest, especially when growing them in pots.

Natural unwanted (disease spores, bacteria, etc.) can easily infect regular soil due to external weather conditions. These may not directly inhibit the growth of plants in general, but you certainly don't want them in your stomach after harvest. Veggie Gold, the all-natural soilless mix, eliminates this possibility while strengthening your harvest at the same time. No matter the type of edibles you grow, Veggie Gold's magic works from root to fruit!

Soil-less Mixture
It's a farmer's secret formula.

Stronger Roots
Veggie Gold first strengthens the roots, then deposits vital nutrients all around for optimum absorption.

Lusher & Greener Leaves
It happens when your plant can absorb the plentiful nutrients you put in. Expect brighter fruit to go along with it.

Flavourful Harvest
The perfect leafy crunch, mouth-watering aroma, and fruit just beaming to be eaten. It all starts with your potting mix. Tested an proven on our own farms.

Safe and Nutritious Diet
If you're planning on consuming the food you grow, you'd probably want it to consume good food too. No matter the type of edibles you grow, Veggie Gold has got you covered, fellow gardener!


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