Organic Pure Compost 5kg by Bio-Flora

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Bio-Flora Organic Compost 5kg

Pure Compost

Materials : Green waste, Tree bark and wood waste

Grid Size : Fine grinded form of mesh size 5mm

Nutrient Content ( N.P.K ) : 1% : 0.2% : 0.2%

Pathogen Content : Free from pathogen E.Coli & Salmonelle

Carbon Nitrogen Ration : 25/1

Free from foreign matter such as metal, glass, Synthetic polymers ( eg. Plastic & Rubber )

It builds good soil structure as it enables soil to retain nutrients, water, and air. Compost also protects against drought as it helps maintain a neutral pH, and protects plants from many diseases commonly found in the garden. It also feeds earthworms and other microbial life in the soil.


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