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Live Earthworms for Gardening + Peat soil.

Earthworms help to improve soil structure by loosening and aerating the soil, cycling nutrients throughout soil ecosystems, decomposing organic matter, and stimulating microbial activities which overall improve plant productivity.

The burrows created by earthworms inside the soil are utilized by plant roots to reach extra moisture and nutrients. It increases plant nutrient availability and the deep vertical burrows particularly help water infiltrate.

An earthworm’s diet consists of decaying organic matter, such as leaf litter or crop residue.

Earthworms conduct respiration through their skin. Their skin needs to be in moist soil in order to breathe. 

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Fact sheet



Common name:

Malaysian Blue Worms


Shade, semi-shade


Make sure the soil is moist, avoid the soil from drying out.

Approx. 8-10nos of Earthworms per container.


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