Earthworms 50g Live Earthworms for Gardening with Peat soil.

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Malaysian Blue Worms


Up to 15cm in contracted state


Blue/Purple under light

Type of Uses

For gardening, composting most types of waste or as tasty baits for anglers

Advantages in Gardening

Soil Aeration

Earthworms create tunnels in the soil, improving soil aeration and oxygen flow.

Nutrient Recycling

Earthworms break down organic matter in the soil, returning nutrients to the soil in the form of castings.

Improving Soil Structure

Earthworms break down soil aggregates, creating a crumbly soil structure that improves water-holding capacity and nutrient absorption.

Disease Suppression

Some species of earthworms can suppress soil-borne plant diseases by feeding on the pathogens that cause them.

Increasing Plant Growth

The improved soil structure, increased nutrient availability, and disease suppression provided by earthworms can lead to increased plant growth and yields.

The blue earthworms mainly found in Malaysia are excellent at converting various types of waste into nutrient-rich fertilizer. They breed quickly and can grow up to 15 cm in a contracted state and 20 cm when stretched. They have a distinct blue/purple color under light, hence their name "blue worms." These worms are a tasty bait for anglers and are well-suited for tropical climates. 

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Approx. 8-10nos of Earthworms per container.


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