GrowFoam Seed Germination Solution

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Growfoam Seed Germination Solution, a soilless media that fosters healthy veggies with ideal moisture and root growth. Great gift option! Harvest your FIRST homegrown vegg today!

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pH neutral, Soilless, Pathogen-free, Easy to use, Suitable for wide variety of seeds

Included in each kit:

1x Foam sheet, consist of 54 individual foam cubes. 

Individual foam cube: 2.1cmL x 2.0cmW x 3.8cmH (approx.)

1x Plastic tray (Dimension: 26.0cmL x 17.5cmW x 4.5cmH approx.)

1x Packet of Veg seeds (Cai Xin)

1x Tweezer

     Instruction manual

Product Details

Soilless, clean media allows growing and production of healthy, disease-free vegetables.

Suitable for a wide variety of leafy vegetable seeds such as lettuce, basil, pepper, etc.

Ideal air to water ratio and uniform moisture throughout the media for fast and uniform germination.

Specialized media density allows for fast and easy root growth.

Consistent dibble hole shape and depth, promote uniform germination and root development.

For transplanting of sprouting seedlings into a bigger pot, simply transfer individual seedlings to a new pot. Do not plug out the seedlings from the foam. 

Less environmental impact - The foam is able to degrade 75% within 335 days in a biologically active landfill condition. You can also break it into smaller pieces and add into compost to become substrate.

Great gift!

Grow Foam Refill TGS


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