Red Salad Bowl Seeds by BlueAcres

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Red Salad Bowl Seeds by BlueAcres

·         Non-GMO seeds

·         Red Salad Bowl is lobed, burgundy red and delicious.

·         Grow as a baby lettuce as well as full size.

·         Germinate in 3-7 days.

·         Harvest in 40-45 days.

·         Each package of Red Salad Bowl seeds comes with about 600-700 seeds (approx.)

 Disclaimer: Maturity, adaptability and disease tolerance may differ under specific climate and/ or growing conditions.

About BlueAcres:

They are the local urban farm that cultivates natural and freshest produce sustainably. No pesticides, all-natural. All ingredients that have gone into the farm are carefully selected and sourced.

BlueAcres understands that building a successful farm is not about having more money and spending them on expensive high-tech setups that are not sustainable commercially for our markets or for the scale of the farm.


They design their farms ground up to be as efficient and as low maintenance as possible. They also innovate and develop their own unique custom cultivation technique that considers the macro environment in that they grow the crops while introducing the right amount of automation and control to enhance the yield, maintain consistent quality and keep the operating cost low.

Support Local and Buy Local!


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