Deep Rose Pot (Italy)

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Deep Pot or Rose Pot. Suitable for plants that establishes taproots such as Roses, sweet pea flowers, radish, Philodendron spp, Aroids, and more!

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Deep Rose Pot (Italy)

️ Injection Quality Plastic Pot

️ Eco-friendly and 100% recyclable

️ U.V. Resistant

️ Excellent drainage

️ Ideal for plants that establishes deep roots, taproots.

      The extra depth of pot allows for extended root development which allows your plants to grow to their full potential with proper care.

️ Suitable for roses, blue pea flower, sweet peas, tomato plants, chili, pepper, radish, Philodendron spp, Aroids, or starting off young plants. 


Rose Pot Sizes

Top diameter (Outer)

Top diameter (Inner)

Bottom diameter



Ø 16.8cm

Ø 16.0cm

Ø 12.5cm



Ø 21.2cm

Ø 20.0cm

Ø 15.8cm


 Disclaimer: All measurement is taken in an approximate value.


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