Orchiata Pine Bark Pinus Radiata New Zealand

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A well draining media especially recommended for ALL ORCHIDS & AROIDS like Anthurium, Orchid, Philodendron, Syngonium and Hoya.

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Orchiata Pine Bark Pinus Radiata New Zealand 

100% pure New Zealand Pinus radiata bark.

Superior Quality Orchid Bark with stable pH value 5.5-6.0 

Ready to use – Clean and consistent, time-saving.

Long lasting, hard, and solid substrate – Does not break down easily which minimizing the need for re-potting.

Consistent chip size – Maintains even distribution of air and moisture throughout the pot. Re-wets easily and dries consistently.

Ideal for Orchids including Paphiopedilum, Phragmipedium, Cymbidium, Miltoniopsis, Dendrobium, Phalaenopsis.

Sustainable growing substrate produced from the finest quality.

Directions for Repotting Orchid

1. Remove the old pot and all old potting media, trim away damaged roots.

2. Select a new appropriately sized pot with drain holes and place a thin layer of Orchiata pine bark in the bottom. 

3. Position the plant in the middle with the root crown below the rim.

4. Place Orchiata around roots leaving no space. Cover the emerging roots slightly. Tap to settle Orchiata pine bark properly in the pot.

5. Water directly onto Ochiata pine bark and let it drain out from below. Let dry slightly before the next watering.

Which Size to use?Orchiata recommended usages for sizes

For more information, A Guide to Growing Healthy Orchids, Aroids, and Plants with ORCHIATA Substrate


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