Ficus umbellata

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Experience the allure of Ficus umbellata. Its glossy, oval-shaped leaves and compact growth make it a stunning addition to any indoor or outdoor space. Order now and elevate your plant collection with Ficus umbellata's natural beauty.

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Fact Sheet and Plant Guide

Scientific Name: 

Ficus umbellata 


Ficus umbrella has wide, heart-shaped foliage that adds interest to an empty corner that receives bright indirect sunlight.  

In favorable conditions, Ficus umbrella will grow taller in an upright position with massive leaves over time.



Pot dimension:  

Ø26.0cm x 22cmH

Overall Plant Height:

40-60cm (approx.) Included Air Root Pruning Pot


Bright indirect sunlight


Check regularly and water as needed.

Water thoroughly when the potting medium turns slightly dry to touch.


Feed with diluted liquid fertilizer once a month to encourage growth.


Gently trim away dry, brown, or yellowish leaves by using a pair of secateurs.

Trimming allows available nutrients in the soil to be transferred into the new leaves which encourage intentional growth.

Also, trimming allows your plants to retain in a good shape and keep pests, fungal and diseases away.

*Photo for illustration only. Actual product may vary due to the nature of the product. 

*Pot color and size may vary and change Subject to Availability.


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