5m Self Adhesive Velcro Cable Tie

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Garden staking made easy with no knots, twists, or tying.

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DIY Self-adhesive Plant Cable Tie

️ Easy to use: Simply wrap the object (eg: Plant stem, support stick, etc) and stick/press the front and back of the tie together.

✔ Self-gripping, no knots: One side of the tie is made from hook material and the other side is loop material.

 Simply pull and cut the plant cable tie based on your desired length.

️ Used along with plant support stick for trellis plant , climber, vines, fences, mesh etc to hold and support the plants.

Also suitable for cable and wires organization such as electronic devices, computer, mobile etc. 

️ Material: Nylon

️ Reusable.

️ Garden staking makes easy with no knots, twists, or tying.



5m long (approx.)


Available in 2 sizes: 8mm / 10mm


1mm (approx.) Ultrathin

Disclaimer: All measurements were taken in an approximate value.

*Photo for illustration only. Plant Support sticks and potted plants sold separately.


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