Koseme Succulents Fertilizer 8-10-8 (450g)

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Perfectly formulated for the unique needs of your succulents.

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  • ·       -NITROGEN 8%,
  • ·       -PHOSPHORUS 10%,
  • ·       -POTASSIUM 8%,
  • ·       -MG 2%

Revitalize your Aloe Vera, Jade Plant, Zebra Plant, Echeveria, and other succulents. Our fertilizer, high in phosphorus (P10), strengthens stems and leaves. Organic amino acids heighten color saturation.

Use as directed. Enhance their natural beauty. Let them thrive.

Method of application: Spread the fertilizer evenly on soil, then water as usual.

Usage: for each 10cm diameter area.

Fertilizer Type



Basal Fertilizer

1/2tsp or 5g

Initial application

Top dressing

1/3tsp or 3g

Every 1 month

 Product Weight: 450g approx.


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