Hi-Kil Clear White Oil Insect Spray (500ml) by HORTI

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Hi-Kil Insect Spray, an extract from the Pyrethum Daisy flower, is a potent insect killer.

It is part of nature's defense system and an alternative to chemical insecticide. 

Hi-Kil Insect Spray does not damage plant foliage and is water-based.

Convenient, ready to use so no mixing required.

A natural, contact insect spray which leave no residue, can be used within one day of harvest on edible crops.

It is very effective in the control of plant scale pests like Mealybugs, Aphids, Whiteflies, Scale insects, etc.

Active constituents: 20g/L Petroleum Oil

Contains: 0.3g/L Pyrethrins , 1.2g/L Piperonyl butoxide


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