Snail Killer Pellets 250g by HORTI

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HORTI Brand Snail Killer Pellets are designed specifically for the effective control of snails and slugs within both flower and vegetable gardens.

This product contains 30g/kg of Metaldehyde as its active ingredient, a powerful molluscicide that targets these pests by disrupting their ability to produce mucus, which is vital for their mobility and digestion. Once ingested, it leads to the rapid dehydration and death of snails and slugs, thereby protecting plants from damage and loss.

The pellets are formulated to be appealing to these pests, ensuring they are consumed effectively. Application of HORTI Snail Killer Pellets provides a safeguard for your garden, ensuring that your flowers and vegetables are free from the destructive activities of snails and slugs. Its targeted action minimizes the impact on non-target organisms and the environment when used as directed, offering a responsible solution for gardeners looking to maintain the health and beauty of their garden spaces.

Active ingredients: 30g/kg Metaldehyde


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