Spearmint / Mint Seeds by HORTI

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Botanical name: Mentha spicata/ viridis

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A hardy perennial that will produce runners and quick establish itself.

The fragrant leaves which can be picked at any time and are extensively used fresh in savory or sweet dishes and in flavoring drinks.

Ideal for pot growing as well as in the garden. Prefers moist rich soil and a half shade site.

Sow direct in garden or containers. Cover with potting mixture. Water regularly so that the soil is damp but not too wet.

Do not allow young seedlings to dry out.

Apply Organic fertilizer fortnightly.

Scatter snail & slug bait around the newly planted seedlings to protect them from slugs and snails.

Botanical name: Mentha spicata/ viridis

Disclaimer: Based on feedback from our customers, the potency of the seeds from Singapore Horti-Flora are up to 90%. 

We give no warranty, expressed or implied, as to productiveness of any seeds we sell.


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