GroShield Plant Growth Promoter 25g by Biomax

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GroShield Plant Growth Promoter 25g by Biomax
Powerful Plant Growth promoter, boosts germination rate and increases crop yield.
Helps establish new plants quicker with stranger roots and shoots.
Prevents wilt, root and fruit rots in plants especially for tomato, potato, strawberry, lettuce, etc.
Probiotic action to prevent and to protect plant root system from soil borne disease, particularly fungi such as Fusarium spp., Phytophthora spp. and Sclerotia spp.
Reduces heat stress in plants.
Environmentally friendly and certified organic. 

How to Use:
Groshield can be applied directly or mixed with water. Apply appropriate amount of Groshield based on the following suggestions: • Soil treatment (20m2 area): Mix 20 g Groshield with fertilizer or growing medium directly For further application mix 20 g of Groshield in 40 L of water and apply to soil directly every 2-4 weeks depending on crop growth cycle • Nursery treatment (20m2 area): Apply 20 g of Groshield onto nursery bed before planting • Seed treatment: Mix 10 g Groshield with 40mL water Moisten 1 kg of seeds in the Groshield solution for 15-30 minutes before sowing

For best results, repeat every 2 weeks once and use with Biomax Organic Fertilizer.


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