Plectranthus tomentosa Cuban Oregano

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Discover the unique flavor of Plectranthus tomentosa Cuban Oregano. Its aromatic leaves and trailing growth make it a versatile culinary herb. Order now and elevate your dishes with the delightful taste of Cuban Oregano.

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Fact Sheet and Plant Guide

Scientific Name: 

Plectranthus tomentosa


Plectranthus tomentosa or commonly known as Cuban Oregano, Vicks plants is an evergreen succulents famous for its amazing aroma, The small, soft, green foliage are fleshy and have scalloped edges. Cuban oregano produce a refreshing menthol or Vicks-like smell when rubbed on its leaves.

Pot dimension:  

Ø15cm x H11cm

Overall Plant Height:

25-35cm (approx.)


Full sun or bright light


Succulents have a high content of water storage in their leaves.

Check and water the plants when the soil become dry.

Water the soil thoroughly and let it drain out from the bottom of the pot.

Let the soil get completely dry before watering again.


Feed with organic fertilizer once a month to encourage growth.


Gently trim away dry, brown, or yellowish leaves by using a pair of secateurs.

*Photo for illustration only. Actual product may vary due to the nature of the product. 

*Pot color and size may vary and change Subject to Availability.


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