Clear Plastic Pipette 3ml

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Clear Plastic Pipette 3ml ideal for measuring and transfer of liquid, and watering of small potted plants such as mini succulents, cactus, fittonia and more! Grab yours!

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Clear Plastic Pipette 


Material: Made of clear polyethylene plastic.

Easy to use with strong suction power which gives an accurate reading.

Ideal for measuring and transfer of liquid solution such as liquid fertilizer, pesticide, insecticide, herbicide etc.

Use to aspirate uniform doses of liquid solution.

Ideal for watering of small potted plants such as mini succulents, cactus, Fittonia, peperomia etc

How to use a Plastic Pipette:

1. Simply squeeze the pipette bulb to expel the air inside the pipette as much as possible.
2. Submerge the tip in a liquid solution. 
3. Release the pressure on the pipette bulb to aspirate the liquid solution.
4. Control and dispense the amount of liquid solution in the pipette by squeezing the bulb.

Note: Always aspirate the liquid solution at a 90-degree angle, then dispense it at a 45-degree angle.

Length: 15.0cm 
Pipette Bulb dimension: 1.5cm
Capacity: 3ml (Max)

With level markings.


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