Pine Bark Mulch by Plantaflor

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Pine Bark is a lightweight mulching material made from shredded bark of pine tree. 

The mulch improves soil aeration while retaining moisture and nutrients to feed roots and seedlings for maximum growth and yield. 

It helps to suppress the growth of unwanted weeds and prevent soil erosion from heavy rain or daily watering on plants. 

Suitable for all leafy veggies, fruits tree, and landscaping plants.



(approx. 7-15mm)


(approx. 15-25mm)


(approx. 25-40mm)

Gardening Tips: 
Use as a growing medium, simply soak in water for one night before application would be great. 

For mulching or putting at the base of a pot prior to adding potting soil (repotting), no need to soak in water.

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