Docto-lite Vermiculite (1-4mm approx.)

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Docto-lite Vermiculite accelerates seed germination and enhances plant development.

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Docto-lite Vermiculite

Docto-lite Vermiculite is a special mica-like mineral (Iron, Magnesium, Aluminium, Silicate) that expands 15 times its volume when heated up to 900°C. 

As a result of this expansion, the water holding capacity and aeration of the plant roots of the compound are strengthened. 


Seed emergence: Docto-lite accelerates germination and enhances plant development. 

Hydroponic: Docto-lite Vermiculite, a permeable, sterile and lightweight aggregate, is a medium that can be used in hydroponic cultivation.

Rooting of seedlings: It accelerates rooting by providing optimum air and water balance in the environment where it is used.

Free from disease and weed.

Vermiculite has an insulating property that balances the soil temperature.

Long-lasting inorganic material, which is clean, odorless, and capable of keeping all the nutrients the plant needs.

Prevents algae growth.

Sizes - 1 - 4 mm (Approx.)


5.0 – 6.0

Grain Size

47.1% - 4.0mm screen top


49.8% - 1.4 - 4mm sieve


3.1% - 1.4mm under sieve


1.8% (± 1)


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