Lettuce 'Maiko' Butterhead Seeds by The Seeds Master (240-360 seeds)

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Each package of Lettuce 'Maiko' Butterhead Seeds comes with 240-360 seeds (approx.)

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Lettuce 'Maiko' Butterhead - Non GMO

All-time popular and favorite variety among Singapore gardeners. Highly attractive and easy growing, it has gained its popularity quickly for its unusual, beautiful appearance followed by a crisp, sweet, smooth and juicy flavour. Ideal for microgreens, baby leaf and full maturity. Maiko forms opened heads with slightly wavy, firm, crunchy leaves that come in a beautiful burgundy colour. Ideal for salads & garnish wraps or just as a snack. Can be grown in pots as decorative due to its eye-catching appearance. Highly recommended to include in own home garden!

Scientific Name: Lactuca sativa


Soil: Fertile, well-drained soil, rich in organic matter.

Sowing Depth: 0.4in (1cm) deep.

Spacing: At least 1 inch (2.5 cm) apart.

Light: Direct sun.

Watering: Water regularly to keep the soil moist.

Fertilizing: Apply fertilizer before harvesting to increase yield.

Harvest: 40-50 days after planting.


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