Dendrobium Orchid Mini

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Discover the beauty of miniature orchids with Dendrobium Orchid Mini. These vibrant and easy-to-care-for plants are perfect for any home or office. Add TO CART NOW!

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Plants may have black spots or tiny holes on the leaf's surface due to the nature of the product.

Flowers come in Random /Assorted colors.

Fact Sheet and Plant Guide

Scientific Name: 

Dendrobium spp.


Mini Dendrobium orchids produce delicate miniature blooms throughout the year when growing in favorable condition.

Dendrobium plant is an epiphytic perennial; in nature, it grows on tree branches. The plant is classified as monocotyledon, the leaves are mostly parallel-veined in green.

Mature plants produce 10-20cm stem bearing up to 6-8 flowers.

Each flower usually lasts for 2-3 weeks.

Potting Medium:

Horticultural Charcoal

Pot dimension:  

Ø11cm x H10cm

Overall Plant Height:

20-35cm (approx.) Included grower pot


Bright light, dappled light.


Require regular watering and feeding to encourage growth and flowering.

Water slowly and throughout once or twice a week in the early morning.


Feed with orchid hormones or balanced orchid fertilizer every two weeks once after the flowers have faded to encourage new growth and blooms.


Gently trim away dry, brown, or yellowish leaves by using a pair of secateurs.

*Photo for illustration only. Actual product may vary due to the nature of product. 

*Pot color, Flower color, and size may vary and change Subject to Availability.



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