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Vactor 1G
A “Ready To Use” larvicide. It comes as sand granules incorporated with Temephos (1% Active Ingredient) that slowly releases when dropped into water.

Where to use?

Use VACTOR 1G as spot treatment in wet land area, lake, pond, water containers, water tanks, water jars, empty tyres, drainage and any other mosquito breeding grounds.

At home, you can use it in most common breeding areas such as flower pots, Garden Saucers, collar of the toilet bowl, gully trap, roof gutter, scupper drain, and roadside drain.

How to use?
Sprinkle a pinch of Vactor 1G to the target areas. Re-apply after 7 to 14 days.
Or 1Gram per 10L of water

Vactor 1g mosquito Larvicide

Updated [April2023]


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