Thiram 80% WP by Zagro 120GM

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Thiram 80% WP
A broad-spectrum contact fungicides with protective action, well-tolerated by crops and seeds.
Largely used in fruit cultures against foliar, fruit and dieases and in vegetables. 
Widely used as seed dressing on a wide range of crops where it provides good control of damping-off, seed and bulb decay, seed rot, seed blights and many other soil and seed borne disease.

Category of Use:  Fungicide Formulation: Wettable Powder

Directions For Use: 
Crops - Barley, cotton, ginger, gladiolus, maize, paddy, potatoes, rubber, sorghum, sugarcane, wheat, oil palms, cocoa, orchids

Pests / Diseases: For covered smut, stripe, seed-borne diseases, rhizome rot, dry rot, seedling blight, scab, panel rot, pink diseases, grain smut, loose smut, seedling blight, whip smut, karnal bunt.
Major control for flower fungus.

Dosage: 2Gram per 1L of water

PHI: (days) 7 - 14


Updated [April2023] 


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