Mosquito Control Spray by MOZQUiT (250ml)

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MOZQUiT MMC (Mosquito Film) is a self-spreading film formulation to prevent Mosquito breeding.

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MOZQUiT Mosquito Control Spray (250ml) $12.90

Environmental friendly ∙ Non-toxic ∙ Odourless ∙ Controlling all 4 stages of Mosquito life cycle

How Does MOZQUiT MMC (Mosquito Film) Work?

MOZQUiT MMC (Mosquito Film) is a new and unique mosquito control method.

It spreads across the surface of standing water – even large water bodies – and forms a very thin film.

As this film has a very low surface tension, it prevents pupae and larvae from attaching themselves to the surface while attempting to breathe, causing them to drown.

It will also cause adult mosquitoes to be stuck on the surface, causing them to drown.

The product has a purely physical action and does not contain any toxic chemicals.

Its strong spreading action ensures that it will move around vegetation and other obstacles on the surface, and it is resistant to wind, wave action or rain falling on the surface.

Ingredients: Polyethylene Glycol, Sodium Sulphate, Glycerine

Coverage: 1 Trigger (2ml) cover up to 10 m2 of water surface for up to 14 days.


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