1.25L Comfort Pressure Sprayer G-814 by Gardena

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Comfort Pressure Sprayer G-814 1.25L by Gardena 

The ergonomic multi-use pressure sprayer for Home and Garden

The GARDENA Comfort Pressure Sprayer 1.25 l has a filling capacity of 1.25 litres and is the ideal product for universal use in the garden and home.

Contrary to the Pump Sprayers, pressure must simply be built up in the sprayer and then, with the press of a button, plants can be effortlessly watered.

The Comfort Pressure Sprayer is especially convenient: the ergonomic pump- and handle grip, as well as the integrated absorption in the handle, allow optimal shock absorption during pumping.

It is designed for up to max. 3 bar and is equipped with a safety valve that reduces pressure when required.

The level indicator shows the filling quantity without the need to open the container.

The nozzle is fully adjustable from hard jet to fine mist and can be individually applied.

The filter at the suction pipe is practical and protects against nozzle obstruction.


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