Gro-Plus Blood & Bone Meal Plant Food by HORTI (11:11:11) 500gm

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To stimulate microbial action of the soil and plant growth.

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Gro-Plus Blood & Bone Meal Plant Food by HORTI 

Gro-Plus Bone Meal is a mixture of bone dust, dried blood and ground waste from meat-works. It is a natural and completely organic material.

Bone Meal helps to stimulate bacteria and microbial activity in the soil, and release bound-up soil nutrients essential to healthy plant growth.

Bone meal decomposes slowly, yet leaving long lasting effect in the soil.

It is completely safe to use for most garden plants especially edible herbs, veggies, and ornamental / flowering plants.

Bone meal requires the action of soil micro-organisms to release the nutrients it contains.
Therefore, Bone Meal fertilizer to be incorporated into the soil to be absorbed by plant. These soil micro-organisms are active in warm moist soils.

A balanced diet:

Nitrogen (N): 11%

Phosphorus (P): 11%

Potassium (K): 11%

Magnesium (Mg): 2%

Application rate

Type of plant


Small Potted plants

1 teaspoon

Large Potted Plants

1 Tablespoon

Indoor plants

½ half a teaspoon

For potted plants or indoor plants, Spread evenly as side dressing and not too close to the stem, lightly scratch into surface to avoid root disturbance. Water after application. Apply Groplus Bone Meal once every two weeks.

For Vegetables gardens bed, scatter over the surface of soil as a side dressing along rows or around individual plants. Lightly scratch into surface to avoid root disturbance, Water thoroughly. Repeat every weeks until harvesting.


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