Goat Manure Fertilizer by O' Green Living 1L

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OGL Goat Manure is well-decomposed goat dung that is imported from New Zealand. 

Using Goat manure in garden areas is one of the best ways to enrich the soil. 

It is highly suitable for direct applications to flower and vegetable gardens without the worry of burning at the plants.

Goat manure significantly increases soil pH, total N, available P, exchangeable K, Ca, Mg and the cation exchange capacity (CEC) status of the soil.

Goat manure possesses more organic matter, it increases soil moisture with an increased level of manure application, which soil bulk density decreased.

It is virtually odorless and doesn’t attract insects. 

Method of application

Apply 1.5 to 2.0 kg of goat manure per sq. m of any cropping area. Working in equal parts of goat manure, topsoil and compost is a greater proportion for a quality potting mixture.


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