Zamioculca zamiifolia variegated

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Fact Sheet and Plant Guide

Scientific Name: 

Zamioculcas zamiifolia variegated

Common Name:

Variegated ZZ plant, Zanzibar gem


The Zamio plant is a perfect houseplant from the Araceae family.

It is popular for its adaptive abilities and relatively low-maintenance plant care.

The semi-succulent petioles will grow from the tubers, each having 6 to 8 pairs of leaves.

Grow best in a well-drained potting substrate.

Pot dimension:  

Ø16cm x H14cm

Overall Plant Height:

30-40cm (Approx.) Included Air Root Pruning Pot 2L


Bright indirect sunlight.

Give the Variegated ZZ plant a few hours of morning sun each day but avoid direct sun / full sun.


Check and water regularly when the potting medium turns slightly dry to touch.

The Zamio plant is drought-tolerant and can survive with minimum watering.


Feed with diluted foliage fertilizer at least once a month to supply necessary nutrients.


Gently trim away dry, brown, or yellowish leaves by using a pair of secateurs.

Trimming allows available nutrients in the soil to be transferred into the new leaves which encourages intentional growth.

Also, trimming allows your plants to retain in a good shape and keep pests, fungal and diseases away.

*Photo for illustration only. Actual product may vary due to the nature of the product. 

*Pot color and size may vary and change Subject to Availability.


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