Sevtox pyrethroid insecticide Wettable Powder 200gm

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Product Description:

SEVTOX is a pyrethroid insecticide for the control of pests of vegetables, orchids, flowers and fruits.
SEVTOX is harmless to plants. It is toxic to insects, bee, birds and fish but have negligible effects to men and animals. It is excellent for use in gardens or nurseries for the control of pests including vegetable worms, caterpillars, fleahoppers, grasshoppers, beetles, aphids, thrips etc.


How To Use: Mix 1 tablespoonful (about 20gm) of SEVTOX with 5L of water. Spray the mixture at first sight of insect infestation. Repeat application weekly or when needed.


Packing size: 200g

Cypermethrin - 15% Inert Ingredients - 85%


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