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Planting or Repotting Services is only available for the purchase of Plants, Pots & Soil all from
Upon checkout, simply leave your instructions on which pot should match which plant and we will act accordingly.
Reminder to add potting soil/ medium to complete your order.

Plants selected from our store shall be repotted into the pot of your choice in one single order/invoice and will be done at our Garden Centre prior to delivery.

No on-site repotting/planting services.

Pricing Chart based on the Size of a New Pot/ Planter/ Container



Pot Diameter

$ 4.00

1 X Small pot

Ø5.0cm - Ø15.0cm

$ 8.00

1 X Medium pot

Ø15.1cm - Ø29.0cm

$ 14.00

1 X Large pot
(or Planters)

Ø29.1cm - =>Ø60.0cm

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