Plantacote Top K (Slow-Release Fertilizer) 14:09:15 Granules

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Slow-Release Fertilizer release essential nutrients into the soil gradually.

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Plantacote Top K (Slow-Release Fertilizer) 14:09:15 Granules 

Osmocote is a coated slow-release fertilizer that promotes overall plant health, growth, and yield.

It ensures an evenly supply of major nutrients and trace elements over a period of approximately 3 months.

Contains Nitrogen (N) - 14%, Phosphorous (P) - 9%, Potassium (K) - 15% in every granule.

The nutrients are released by a natural membrane process which is controlled by soil temperature.

Higher temperatures accelerate the release of nutrients, whereas lower temperatures slow down the process. 

Release of nutrient is adjusted to plants requirements:

Osmocote starts to release nutrients into the soil  2-3 weeks after application. The release of nutrients is attuned to the physiological requirements of the crop.

For example, the release of Nitrogen (N) is most pronounced during crop establishment and the release of Potassium (K) is more pronounced during the later stages of growth.

Information on basic physical and chemical properties

Physical state





Soluble in water

Application Rate: 

Houseplants and ornamental plants - Once in every 3 months.

Vegetable Cultivation - apply in the earlier stage of growth.

Other information:

After contact with skin, wash with plenty of water immediately and thoroughly.

Do not eat, drink or smoke when using this product


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