Perlite 珍珠岩 3-6mm 1L 5L 10L

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naturally occurring volcanic glass that has been processed into a lightweight, porous material that is commonly used in gardening and horticulture. It is often used as a soil amendment to improve soil drainage, aeration, and moisture retention. Perlite is made up of small, white, porous particles that help to create air pockets in soil, which in turn improves soil drainage and aeration. When added to soil, it helps to prevent the soil from becoming compacted, which can lead to poor root growth and other plant problems. Perlite also helps to retain moisture in the soil, which is beneficial for plants that require consistent moisture levels. Perlite is particularly useful in container gardening, where soil tends to dry out more quickly than in-ground planting. It can be added to potting soil or used as a top dressing to help retain moisture and prevent soil from becoming compacted. Perlite is also commonly used in hydroponic gardening, where it is used as a growing medium instead of soil. Overall, perlite is a versatile and useful soil amendment that can benefit a wide range of plants and gardening applications.

Sizes: 3-6mm (approx.)


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