Life 45 MCR by biOrb

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With the biOrb LIFE 45 you get the practical benefits of a small base while it’s tall shape means you have more space for decor and fish.

It's ideal for fish who like to swim near the top such as neon tetras and tiger barbs.

Tank Dimension (L X B X H):

37.5 X 25.5 X 56 cm

What’s in The Box:

  • 45 Litre Acrylic Aquarium
  • biOrb 12V Transformer
  • biOrb Air Pump
  • Airstone
  • Ceramic Media 2 pounds / 900 grams
  • Filter cartridge
  • Water Conditioner 5 ml
  • Beneficial Bacteria liquid 5 ml

** Decorations sold separately.
** Available in Black / White / Clear  
** 12 month warranty


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