Turbo Trimmer 300/23 Smallcut includes 1 Original Spool by Gardena

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The flexible tool for smaller trimming jobs in the garden.

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Turbo Trimmer 300/23 Smallcut by Gardena

The light and easy-to-use GARDENA Turbotrimmer SmallCut 300 Accu is perfectly suited for light-duty trimming jobs in the garden.

The trimmer can be safely and comfortably guided with two hands. A safety switch prevents unintentional activation.

The Turbotrimmer SmallCut 300 Accu works with a replaceable nickel-metal hydride battery pack (18 V/1.6 Ah).

The working time with a charged battery is 25 min.; this means you can trim approx. 800 m lawn edges.

With a cutting diameter of 230 mm, its cutting performance is excellent thanks to the powerful motor.

With fully automatic filament feed, the grass is clipped quickly and precisely.

The GARDENA Turbotrimmer SmallCut 300 Accu is supplied complete with a battery pack and charger. With a flat battery, the charging time is approx. 3 hours.

Easy to use 

The GARDENA Turbotrimmer SmallCut 300 is light and convenient and can be easily guided thanks to its second handle.

Fully automatic filament feed 

The Turbotrimmer is equipped with a fully automatic filament feed.

Protection against accidental operation

Just easy: thanks to the integrated safety switch, the Turbotrimmer cannot be activated unintentionally.

Replace Filament easily

The filament cassette can be easily replaced. (Click here for Replacement Filament)


Cutting width

23 cm

Cord diameter

1.6 mm

Length of cord

6 m

Feed mechanism


Plant Guard




Power rating



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