Fernwood Soft Fern Substrate Tree Fern Orchid Substrate New Zealand

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Fernwood Soft Fern Substrate Tree Fern Orchid Substrate New Zealand Ideal for orchids, epiphytes, ferns, aroid, and more.

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Fernwood Soft Tree Fern substrate is an excellent growing medium for orchids, epiphytes, ferns and more.
✅This soft, long lasting, fibrous, natural material offers excellent drainage and aeration.
✅It can retain moisture for a long period of time without bogging.
✅Used for potting it will have your plants growing faster and healthier.
✅Fernwood Soft Tree Fern is a natural product, sustainably harvested and is an excellent long lasting potting medium.
✅Use alone or can be added to your favourite mix.

Tree fern substrates can be used as mulch in gardening. Tree fern mulch is made from the fibrous, hairy roots of tree ferns and is an excellent natural mulch option. It provides various benefits similar to other mulching materials, such as conserving moisture, regulating soil temperature, suppressing weeds, and improving soil structure. Additionally, tree fern mulch is rich in organic matter, slowly breaking down over time and enriching the soil with nutrients. However, it's essential to ensure that the tree ferns are sourced sustainably and harvested responsibly to protect natural ecosystems.


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