Akadama Premium Bonsai Soil Fine Grain 3-6mm (500g)

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Great for Bonsai, succulents and cacti. Size: 3-6mm

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Akadama Premium Horticultural Bonsai Soil Fine Grain 3-6mm

Akadama 赤玉土 (akadamatsuchi, red ball earth) is a naturally occurring, granular clay-like mineral.

It is a Premium planting media for plants such as Cacti, Succulents, and Bonsai. 

Provides good drainage and water retention with a huge help in root growth and development.

Used Akadama soil as toppings which can help to determine when to water the plants. Akadama soil changes its color to dark brown when it is wet and turns into creamy-brown when dry. 

Akadama soil can be easily crushed or pulverized due to its natural characteristics. The pulverized particles can be mixed into your potting soil when repotting the plant.

Made in Japan.


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