Patio Plant Soil 20L By Jardino Holland

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For Balcony and Container Plants.

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TERRASPLANTENGROND Patio Plant Soil 20L By Jardino, a product of Holland

️ Patio plant soil with nutrients for up to 6 months.

️ Suitable for the most common types of patio plants and also for planting hanging baskets such as petunia and periwinkle.

️ High Quality and ready to use for all indoor, balcony, and patio plants.

️ The optimized water and air volume together with the addition of cocopeat, clay, and slow-released fertilizers guarantee good and healthy growth.



Pumice, Iron, Wood fibres, Lime, Coconut fibres, Compost, NPK starter fertilizer, Black Peat, Micro-nutrients, Clay, White sod peat, White Peat (milled).

1.2 kg  NPK + 1.4 kg Osmocote pH 5,5


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