Amaranthus Flying Colours 雁来红 Seeds By HORTI

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Botanical Name: Amaranthus tricolor

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Amaranthus is a brilliant foliage plant with incredibly beautiful leaves of various colours such as rich scarlet, crimson, bright yellow and fresh green. Amaranthus mature early with staple tri-colouring. Amaranthus look spectacular when they’re planted in clumps on the sunny side of a fence. It requires full sunshine to show its best colouring.

Enrich the soil with Plant Food. Plants require little attention after planting and may require staking if it is exposed to winds.

Botanical Name: Amaranthus tricolor

 Based on feedback from our customers, the potency of the seeds from Singapore Horti-Flora are up to 90%. 

We give no warranty, expressed or implied, as to productiveness of any seeds we sell.


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