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Horti-ON Malathion 57% Insecticide
$19.30 Ex Tax: $19.30

• A versatile, inexpensive, safer to use chemical which acts by killing insects on contact. • I..

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Insect Spray 500ml
$8.20 Ex Tax: $8.20

• Insect spray is an odorless, safe and powerful insecticides formulated specially for your plants. ..

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Malathion 84.3%
$4.80 Ex Tax: $4.80

Malathion 84.3% is an insecticide containing Malathion, it is ready to use after mixing with water. ..

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Mosquito dunk (BTI Briquets)
$32.10 Ex Tax: $32.10

Mosquito dunk (BTI  Briquet) is a highly selective microbial insecticide effective against mosq..

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Mosquito Killer Bti Granules (300gm)
$15.20 Ex Tax: $15.20

Biological Mosquito Control.   Active ingredient: Bacillus thuri..

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Moss Clean 200gm
$6.40 Ex Tax: $6.40

• Moss Clean is an organic compound effective against green moss (algae) around the surface on the f..

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Slug & Snail Killer 500g
$4.80 Ex Tax: $4.80

• Control snails & slugs in the garden• Eventually biodegrades into carbon dioxide and water• Ea..

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Snail Killer Pellets 250g by HORTI
$5.35 Ex Tax: $5.35

Horti Snail Killer Pellets isor control of snails & slugs in flower & vegetables gardens.Ac..

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Snake Repellent - Sulphur 5kg
$53.50 Ex Tax: $53.50

• Keep Snake away from your Garden & Home• Safe, Effective, User friendly• Contains S-REPEL and ..

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Weed Killer (500ml)
$18.20 Ex Tax: $18.20

Weed Gone contains derivative of Glyphosate, (N-(phosphonomethyl) Glycine) which is a broad-spectr..

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Zero Ant 150gm
$8.00 Ex Tax: $8.00

• Zero-Ant is a long acting anti-ant duster and killer with very low toxicity to human beings and an..

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