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Hydrum Self-Irrigation System provides consistent watering, meeting specific plant needs for optimal growth. It's based on natural principles, ensuring year-round hydration and discreet integration into planters. Ideal for indoor plants. Grab yours NOW!

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The Hydrum Plant Self-Irrigation System ensures your plants receive consistent watering, providing peace of mind knowing they're cared for around the clock.

Each plant requires specific watering based on factors like species, season, location, temperature, humidity, and light. Most indoor plants originate from tropical regions, needing moderate and consistent humidity. However, meeting this varied watering need can be challenging, often leading to overwatering and plant deterioration or death.

The Hydrum Plant Self-Irrigation System addresses this challenge by adjusting water supply according to each situation's variable demand, promoting optimal growth and beauty. It directly irrigates the plant roots, as plants absorb 70% of water through the upper half of their root zone. Hydrum stands out as the only self-irrigation system on the market based on these natural principles, ensuring year-round watering, even during vacations. Plus, it's fully recyclable and discreetly integrated into planters. Your plants will thrive with Hydrum.

About this item
- EASY TO INSTALL: No batteries or connections needed. Please check video for more information.
- CLEAN DESIGN: The reservoir is buried inside the pot.
- ADAPTABLE: can be used on round pots (above Ø28cm/11") to rectangle pots (above 50cm/20" length).
- EFFICIENT DEVICE: Wicking system with water level indicator, capable of irrigating the entire pot.
- CONVENIENT: Is able to release water for 2 to 4 weeks, with no water leak. Vacation in peace!

How does Hydrum work?

Hydrum's exudation self-irrigation system relies on a continuous capillary system with surrounding soil, following hydraulic laws governing water movement in soil. Watering with Hydrum effectively hydrates the entire soil drainage system, subjecting it to soil's suction and hydraulic forces influenced by capillary and gravity effects, meeting the plants' direct needs.


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