Biodegradable Germination Round Paper Pulp Pots Cups (20pcs)

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Pot dimensions: Ø8.0cm x H8.0cm (approx.)

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Biodegradable Germination Round Paper Pulp Pots (20pcs)

Eco-friendly seed-started pot.

Perfect size of pot for Germination of seeds and sowing of vegetable, fruit, herbs, or flower seedlings.

Paper pulp pot can promote ventilation and aeration of roots which help to encourage growth of seedlings.

Seedlings that germinated in a Paper pulp can be transplanted directly onto the ground or into a bigger pot without causing root disturbance or transplantation shock. 

Paper pulp pots are biodegradable which becomes organic material after degradation.

Pot dimensions:  Ø8.0cm x H8.0cm (approx.)

*Actual product may has uneven surface/ finishing due to the nature of the product. 


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