Koseme General Fertilizer 8-8-8 (450g)

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Revitalize your plants with our balanced Fertilizer. Nitrogen supports leaf development, phosphorus boosts roots and reproductive growth, and potassium enhances disease resistance. Follow directions for thriving, robust plants.

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  • ·       -NITROGEN 8%,
  • ·       -PHOSPHORUS 8%,
  • ·       -POTASSIUM 8%

Revitalize your vegetables, plants, and fruits. Our balanced Fertilizer foster growth with nitrogen, supporting leaf development and cell division.

Phosphorus bolsters root development and reproductive growth, while potassium enhances disease resistance and yield. Use as directed for thriving, robust plants.

Method of application: Spread the fertilizer evenly on soil, then water as usual.

Usage: for each 10cm diameter area.

Fertilizer Type



Basal Fertilizer

1/3tsp or 3g

Initial application

Top dressing

1/2tsp or 5g

Every 1 month

 Product Weight: 450g approx.


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