Koseme Flowering Fertilizer 10-12-6 (450g)

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Versatile fertilizer for all types of flowering plants. Infused with organic amino acids for vibrant color and fullness. Temperature-responsive, sustained-release for optimal nourishment during flowering.

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  • ·       -NITROGEN 10%,
  • ·       -PHOSPHORUS 12%,
  • ·       -POTASSIUM 6%,
  • ·       -MG 2%

A versatile fertilizer for various flowers, including Moonlight, Rose Soul, Hydrangea, and Box Flow

ers. Infused with organic amino acids to enhance flower color and fullness. It features temperature-responsive, sustained-release ingredients for optimal nourishment throughout the flowering period.

Method of application: Spread the fertilizer evenly on soil, then water as usual.

Usage: for each 10cm diameter area.

Fertilizer Type



Basal Fertilizer

1/2tsp or 5g

Initial application

Top dressing

1/3tsp or 3g

Every 1 month

Product Weight: 450g approx.


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