Koseme 100% Organic Fertilizer 6-6-6 made from corn

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Discover the benefits of our Organic Corn Fertilizer, derived from feed-grade corn starch fermentation. Safe for indoor plants and home gardens, it enriches soil with proteins, amino acids, and carbohydrates for vibrant, balanced plant growth.

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  • ·       -NITROGEN 6%,
  • ·       -PHOSPHORUS 6%,
  • ·       -POTASSIUM 6%

Derived from feed-grade corn starch fermentation, this pure, natural, and water-soluble Organic Corn Fertilizer is safe for indoor potted plants and home vegetable gardens. Enriched with many good proteins, amino acids, and rich carbohydrates, it promotes soil microorganism reproduction, enhancing the color of your plants. The balanced mix of the essential elements - nitrogen phosphorus, and potassium - makes it suitable for all plants. No gardening or planting experience is needed. 

Use as directed for robust, vibrant plants.

Method of application: Beneficial natural mold may develop in this 100% organic fertilizer.
For optimal use, bury it 2-3cm in the soil.

Usage: for each 10cm diameter area.

Pot Diameter (cm)

Liquid Usage

Powder Usage (g)


100ml water with 5g Powder



150ml water with 5g Powder



200ml water with 5g Powder


Product Weight: 800g approx,


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