Classic 15 LED by biOrb

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If you're looking for a simple starter aquarium then the baby biOrb is for you.

You can be up and running in no time, everything you need is in one box. It really is a case of just adding water and fish. 

Tank Dimension (L X B X H):

30 X 30 X 15cm

What’s in The Box:

  • 15 Litre Acrylic Aquarium
  • biOrb 12V Transformer
  • biOrb Air Pump
  • Airstone
  • Ceramic Media 450 grams
  • Filter cartridge
  • Water Conditioner 5 ml
  • Beneficial Bacteria liquid 5 ml
  • Standard LED light unit
  • User Manual

** Decorations sold separately.
** Available in Black / White / Silver colour
** 12 month warranty


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