Planter Cell 150 Mini Hanging Pot for Vertical Wall 15cm by Uniseal

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Greenwall system by Uniseal. Great for DIY Greenwall. Hang anywhere!

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PlanterCell® 150 Mini
Hanging Pot for Vertical Wall by Uniseal

Widely used to create Vertical Gardens/ Greenwall.
Hangs easily on wire mesh,  window bars  & / railings.
Pot dimension - L15.0cm X H13.0cm
Water storage capacity of approx. 2 l/m2
Hook dimension - 0.7cm
Green Label Singapore

PlanterCell® 150 Mini, a single piece injection moulding, is designed with four cells, acting as reservoirs with water storage capacity of approx. 2. l/m2 to nourish plants via capillary action resulting in reduced irrigation frequencies needed. An overflow outlet within the planter box drains excess water preventing flooding and overweight situations.

The box have notches at the side walls to accommodate irrigation lines and self-locking clips at the back for a simple mounting onto structures.

A Product of Singapore

**Unsure of which potting medium to use for Green Wall? Contact us to learn more!


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