DIY Green Coloured Sand

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Add a Natural Touch to Your Decor with Our Vibrant Green Sand

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Product Code: HH08001/3

Sand sizes: 2mm-4mm (Approx.) 

Bring the beauty of the outdoors inside with our vibrant green colored sand. Made from high-quality sand and a natural green dye, our sand will add a touch of earthy charm to any space.

Use our green sand to create unique and eye-catching decorations for your home or office. Fill decorative vases, create centerpieces for special events, or even add it to your potted plants to create a beautiful, natural look.

Our green sand is perfect for both indoor and outdoor use. Its fine texture ensures it will flow smoothly and evenly, and its vibrant color is sure to last. Whether you're using it for landscaping or to enhance your indoor decor, our sand is the perfect choice.

So why settle for boring decor when you can add a touch of natural beauty with our green colored sand? Order now and start creating your own unique decorations that will be sure to impress!


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